Secrets Of The Societies…

To Our Soulmate: You are here because of the custom report about you that we sent you earlier this week.  As you learned, we contacted you because you are one of the few, one of our rare soulmates.  We are a secret association more powerful than anything publicly known.  We exist out of sight as a secret society, yet our anonymous members live at the highest levels of society.

Our association occasionally reaches out to a select few people — to our soulmates — to join our ranks.  As you learned in your custom report, there is something unique, something special about those select few soulmates chosen to join our secret association, which includes you.

Our association reached our select few soulmates through sealed first-class mail ONLY —your personal custom report you received and read earlier this week.  That all-important selection process never goes through electronic mail that outside eyes can see.

This secret association is never mentioned on TV or social media.  Again, we exist out of sight while our anonymous members grace the highest social circles.  Vague documentaries exist on secret societies such as Yale’s Skull and Bones, for instance, or the Illuminati.  But those documentaries are always speculative, looking from the outside in.

Today, you have the extremely rare event of looking directly on the inside.  Brace yourself:  We are bringing you into the most powerful secret society on the planet.  Your life will never be the same again as you become flush with secrets, power, high-society connections and friends.  Read every word of the Secret Passage below. We bring you two of the greatest money-making secrets of the societies. Those two secrets are our gift to our soulmate. If you want to continue to receive the life-changing secrets of the societies, you may join our inner-circle. That opportunity is offered at the bottom of this site after the following two wealth secrets:

The Secret Passage

Two of the Greatest Secrets

Of the Societies

1) How to Access Money FAST (Financial Wormholes)

2) How to Get Lucky FAST (Monetize Luck)

Hello. I am a member in one of the most powerful secret societies on the planet.

Yale’s secretive Skull and Bones is known for some very powerful people such as Presidents (George W. Bush) and Senators (John Kerry)…but we are known for our releases that adjust the course of humanity for good.

Today I am releasing to our newest members two adjustments for human good. What I am releasing to you today will have a MAJOR positive impact on your financial condition, starting tomorrow. Read every word.

Today you will discover two of the greatest HIDDEN SECRETS of the Secret Societies and Their Billionaires: We Will Begin With Financial Wormholes That Move You From Poverty To Riches Nearly Instantly!

Within the financial universe, there are “wormholes” that can bring you from a place of poverty to a place of riches almost instantly. This is the greatest kept secret of the billionaires.

They all say they got really lucky, but they won’t say how they found and then went through one of those financial wormholes that would take anyone from poverty to a place of wealth in a matter of seconds. It’s perhaps the most guarded secret of all time.

They won’t tell you their secret, but we will. Right here, right now. We will expose everything needed for you to find and then go through one of those financial wormholes that can take a person from poverty to a place ripe with riches in about ten seconds.

We set you up today to go through a wormhole and start making really good money as early as tomorrow. Get ready to slide through a wormhole to where all the money is hidden from us ordinary folk. You’re gonna finally get some for yourself!

Financial Wormholes (aka Ten-Second Miracles) come from our next mentality. They are the insights, visions, and breakthroughs…the insights that cut through appearances to what is, the visions into the future, and the breakthroughs into new knowledge. They occur through integrating knowledge, snapping together knowledge like snapping together puzzle pieces. When the pieces are in place, suddenly in about ten seconds, you see the whole puzzle picture in your mind.

It seems like an incredible miracle: You suddenly see past conventional wisdom or whatever is put out there for you to see. You see into the future. You see a breakthrough of new knowledge. It is an amazingly indescribable moment to see something no one else has seen before.

The power of your mind awes you at that moment of experiencing a Ten-Second Miracle. That Ten-Second Miracle suddenly moves you from perhaps a place of poverty or mediocrity to a place of wealth and riches. Those Ten-Second Miracles are the secret Financial Wormholes so often slid through by the ultra successful.

I am a wealthy member of this powerful secret society; here’s how my explosive success all started, just as it will for you, too: I am going to give you a personal example of how I found my first Financial Wormhole — a Ten-Second Miracle — at even the lowest entry-level job.

My first financial wormhole proves that anyone at any level can find financial wormholes (just as you will, guaranteed)! I did not know what to call it at the time, but as a fifteen-year-old boy hired as a dishwasher in my first official job, I saved the restaurant from going under through a Ten-Second Miracle. I took that failing restaurant through a financial wormhole and in ten seconds took it from a place of bankruptcy to a place of wealth and longevity.

That experience launched me as it will you. By seeing my story at this low-level job, it becomes easy to see how to find Financial Wormholes and how to form those wormholes to riches yourself!

So I worked the evening shift that summer washing dishes and cleaning the restaurant after it closed. When the restaurant closed for the day, and I went out front to clean, the owner would sit in one of the booths. Night after night I would hear him telling the manager that the restaurant was not going to make it, not enough customers. He would say how he had trouble meeting payroll.

As I heard this night after night, I started to look at the business differently. I started looking at it through numbers and income instead of through the stagnant tasks I performed.

For instance, I would look out front during the dinner rush periodically to see how many customers were eating. As I did my routine rut, my mind started working differently, always thinking how the number of customers could increase.

I started to think about everything: what was on the menu, how the food was prepared, how the waitresses dressed and looked. I started looking at the customers and soon realized the customers were not locals. They were passing through our small town on their way to major destination points. I continued thinking about everything. I even walked out front before work one day and studied the sign and the curb appeal.

Here I was in my first official job, a fifteen-year-old kid, quietly looking at all these things and thinking about them in terms of numbers of customers and income. I was not trying to save the restaurant; my mind just started working differently.

One night after closing, I carried the bags of garbage out back. I had to lug the heavy bags across a very dark patch of desert dirt to the trash bin. This particular night, after a couple weeks of seeing the restaurant not through my dead-end tasks, not through my routine rut, but through all the areas of the business where the money could be, where the power was, I experienced my first Ten-Second Miracle that created a Financial Wormhole for the failing restaurant from a place of doom to boom.

On my way up the back stairs after taking out the trash, I turned around and looked at the black patch of dirt I had just walked over on my way back from the trash bin. Suddenly, in about ten seconds, the answer to the restaurant’s problems came together in my mind in the most unsuspecting way. Everything I had been seeing came snapping together like pieces to a puzzle into an integrated puzzle picture.

In my mind, I saw the customers as not locals, most were just passing through. I saw the curb appeal out front was nice, but only the width of the restaurant with a motel on the south side and a side street on the north side with a gas station on the north side of that side street. The front of the restaurant was on a major federal highway going north and south, so people did not want to park across the street. In ten seconds, I saw THE PROBLEM WAS LACK OF PARKING.

The space in front of the restaurant could handle two or three cars at the most and was always full. Once cars passed that spot, they could not park because of the motel on one side and the side street and gas station on the other side. Past the motel or gas station, the distance became too far, and there were new restaurants with easier parking up ahead; at that point, those potential customers were forever lost.

I looked back at the patch of dirt where the trash bin sat. That was the missing piece. Although it was too small to handle more than just a few cars, that was not the point. The breakthrough, I realized, was to get the passersby to turn onto the side street by placing a sign out front that said FREE PARKING around back with an arrow pointing to the side street. (Parking meters lined the few spots in the front.)

The dirt patch could be paved and offer customers free parking. Even if that little parking lot were constantly full, ample free parking awaited customers on both sides of the quiet side street. By seeing the FREE PARKING sign up front, cars would turn onto the side street to get to the parking lot. Full or not, they could find plenty of parking. Moreover, they were now committed to park and eat. We would now capture all those potential customers!

I stood there on the steps to the back entrance and shook my head in amazement of the whole puzzle picture in my head. I knew it would work. I walked in and, for the first time since I started working there, I spoke to the owner: “I know how to save your restaurant.”

He looked at me for an awkward moment, and then told me to sit down in his booth. Instead of just telling him, I instinctively grabbed a napkin and asked for a pen. I drew my whole vision of the future on that napkin.

Without realizing what I was doing, I drew the puzzle picture that was in my head, including the front curb appeal, the problem with parking, the proposed free-parking sign, the paved parking lot out back, the side street…I even drew the fifteen to twenty cars I envisioned parked around the restaurant!

The owner sat there in awe. He knew I was right. The first thing that finally came out of his mouth was, “You ought to be the owner of this restaurant, not me.”

That summer I worked there, the restaurant was going out of business. But thanks to my Ten-Second Miracle, that restaurant became a cash cow and is still in business today, nearly fifty years later. It still operates with the same free parking sign that I suggested.

What happened to me was rare. Perhaps because of my young age and my constant exposure to the woes of the owner, I was able to suddenly see everything differently around me at work. I was able to see things from the perspective of the ESSENCE of the business (i.e., how to increase profits)…not from the blind and dead perspective of my routine rut.

Because of seeing the business from the perspective of its ESSENCE, the things I saw stayed in me and began, unbeknownst to me, to quietly integrate together into a puzzle of how to increase the business. Suddenly, the missing piece snapped into place when I walked through the dark patch of desert from the trash bin. The Ten-Second Miracle occurred in my consciousness as the missing piece snapped into place and the puzzle-picture filled my head.

I did not know it then, but that was the next puzzle-building mentality in action. I even drew my explanation for the owner on a napkin because the new mentality works beyond words…in pictures.

As a fifteen-year-old boy, I experienced integrated thinking coming together into a puzzle. When the pieces all came together, a puzzle picture was revealed, and I experienced my first Ten-Second Miracle and opened up my first Financial Wormhole.

That Financial Wormhole saved the business and kept it going profitably for at least another two generations, still going strong today. And that mentality shift launched me personally into the wealthy multi-millionaire I am today.

I know just how rare that experience was. The mind just does not work that way. We are held back because of our following-mode that does not integrate, a see-react way of viewing the world.

For instance, the dishwasher views his job by what is directly before his eyes, his boring repetitive tasks, his division of labor. He does not view his place of work beyond that see-react rut, not by its numbers, its exciting money-making essence.

The mind just does not go there. Learning how to do this, how to see the essence of things around you, starting right at work, is a mentality shift that is going to bring out your hidden talents and potential to become the wealthy person you were meant to be.

Our minds do not naturally go there because our minds do not naturally integrate knowledge. Our minds merely react to our routine tasks. I plan to get your mind working this different way. However, we do not want to fool ourselves. This goes beyond merely willing your mind to do this. Our minds need to develop with the tools to make the shift.

Ok, let’s make that shift that delivers you to the kind of wealth I enjoy.

All right. I’m going to give you the tools to make the shift and get your mind working this different way that will lead you into making Ten-Second Miracles and opening Financial Wormholes.

But first, I need to give you the second promised big secret of the societies: How To Get Lucky FAST. I will come back later to give you the tools for Ten Second Miracles.

So now I will show you — right here right now — how to push bad luck away and how to yank in lots and lots of good luck! Indeed, many billionaires will tell you they got rich because they got really, really lucky. But what they will not tell you is: their super luck was not a coincidence. They all have a secret; they know how to push away bad luck and yank in more and more really, really good luck!

Of course, they won’t leak their secret, but I will! Remember, I am a wealthy member in The Society.

Understand that many billionaires got rich because they got very, very lucky. They admit it. Mark Zuckerberg admits it. They confess to getting very lucky, but they will never tell you that they learned a very simple trick to control (and gather) luck.

The wealthy elite want us to believe that luck is something so random — like winning a lottery — that we won’t ever expect super good luck. That way we never look for it, we never work for it, and the rich quietly monopolize it.

But super good luck, like everything in life, is controllable through persistent focus.

You heard me right: luck can be and is controlled (and gathered) by the rich through persistent focus. It is one of their greatest kept secrets!

Think about it: everything in life is beneficially affected when a persistent focus is applied toward it. So why should luck be any different? I know it seems like luck is purely random…and that is exactly what the rich want you to believe! That way you never expect to get really lucky; you never really try to get billionaire-rich because you believe only one out of millions ever gets so randomly lucky (like Mark Zuckerberg). This way, without us ordinary people ever believing we can get lucky and rich, the wealthy have no competition!

But with the right focus done the right way, you can have your way with lady luck! You can scientifically gather good luck — a key ingredient to becoming a millionaire or billionaire!

It takes good luck to get wealthy — there is no way up into the big money without some good luck. Luck can be controlled, culled, and used for a rapid climb to the wealthy elite class.

Let me tell you, luck will be one of the most important things you ever add to your life! With it your life can be full of riches, romance, and constant good fortune. Luck makes it all so easy!

Simply put, good luck is a catalyst to wealth, romance and many other wonderful things. When viewing luck as a catalyst, a scientific approach to luck unfolds. The billionaires all know what I am about to tell you.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself: How do Warren Buffet and rich investors like him get lucky their entire lives, over and over again, decade after decade? The straight odds are fantastically against that. In fact, the odds make such decades-long luck streaks impossible. There is something else going on. Something we never suspect or question. It’s called: controlling and gathering luck!

Stop to think: Buffet is one of the richest men in the world by investing decade after decade and just always getting so lucky after lucky. With that kind of impossible ongoing luck, doesn’t it make sense that he has a science behind his luck? No one ever questions how he gets so lucky for so long. And of course he won’t reveal that science — his secret — to the world, for if he did, then he would be flooded with competition!

The billionaires’ great secret technique on luck and wealth has been hidden, and no one questions their luck. It’s like a family secret…a secret fraternity of the wealthy, sacredly holding this secret within, among its rich members only. Decade after decade no one suspects or questions their uncanny luck. Yet the odds are beyond impossible for such luck to repeat itself decade after decade. Indeed, we are conditioned to believe that the very rich are life’s lottery winners and, therefore, we never question their odds-defying luck streaks. But I did question their luck, and I unearthed and use their highly-coveted secret to luck and wealth.

So I now CONTROL luck just like the billionaires, their catalyst to wealth. Imagine it; I brought good luck into my life just as you will! And I got rid of all bad luck so my life was suddenly blissful and happy! To my shock and amazement, getting rid of bad luck and yanking in good luck became routine in my life. The same will happen to you. I will never stop using the luck-catalyst to the wealthy life! And neither will you.

Until now, the wealthy had the monopoly on good luck. Think about it: have you ever seen a person who is struggling near poverty ever enjoy good luck? Yet we see the richest people in the world such as Warren Buffet getting so very lucky with his investments day after day, decade after decade! But now, for the first time, you can too. And you can introduce your family and friends to the Society so they can too! Life very quickly rises from a helpless struggle against poverty to the lucky life of the wealthy!

Think about it: Good luck can make you a billionaire. Bad luck can make you a bum. From now on, you will eliminate bad luck and rope in endless good luck.

Let’s get started:

You may have…or you may know someone who has…started a business or financial venture based on an idea. Obviously you or your friend thought it was a very good idea in order to risk your savings or, worse, go into debt for. Sometimes people risk their life’s savings or sink themselves deep into debt because they get so excited over “the idea”.

And, of course, we are motivated by the billionaires’ success stories of their “billion-dollar ideas” — the Facebooks, Googles, Amazons…and before that the Starbucks, McDonalds, Walmarts…and before that the Ford Motor Companies, the GEs, the Sears & Roebucks. True, those billion-dollar companies grew from an idea that clicked with the public.

But what you don’t know is this: just as you see the faces of lucky lottery winners smiling big, similarly the faces of billion-dollar business owners, always smiling big like Mark Zuckerberg…those billion-dollar-company owners are lucky lottery winners in business. In others words, their big ideas luckily “won the lottery” when they clicked with the public. There’s that word again: LUCK.

Luck. They got really lucky!

For every mega-money lottery winner there are millions who lost. For every billion-dollar company there are millions of business ventures that lost.

Yet every single one of those business ventures sprang up from what its founders and backers believed was a good idea…no, a GREAT idea.

The hidden truth is this: Ideas are neither good nor bad — they are ideas only. No one knows how the idea will click with the marketplace. When we risk everything behind a “great idea,” we are merely gambling, and the odds are against us.

Indeed, according to Forbes, for every ten businesses started, only two survive after eighteen months. And the odds get worse for risky investment ventures. We not only are gambling, but the odds are at least five to one against us. Just like the mega lottery winners, the mega business or investment success stories are simply after-the-fact “lottery winners” in business. That’s why they are always smiling so big! Their idea was one out of millions that clicked with the public.

But just as you cannot predict the future of the weather say a year out, you cannot predict the future of a “great” business or investment idea. Too many random and unpredictable variables are at play, and the chaos theory takes over. Namely, you cannot predict how the diverse public will respond or how effective your marketing will be. Timing in relation to an array of unreadable variables, among other things, plays a major role. The same is true in the music world for new artists trying to break in. There are many parallels between new businesses or investment ventures and new artists.

When you risk your savings, life savings or, God forbid, sink yourself into debt for a “great idea” or “great song” if you’re an artist, you have set yourself up for failure.

You need luck. You need to get really lucky!

It’s time to teach you the hidden secret of the billionaires that ropes in “luck” and reverses your situation from near-certain failure to near-certain success. And with every passing day using this secret, your odds increase toward making the really lucky “big idea” or “big song” that clicks with the public, around which you can build a billion-dollar empire.

So are you ready to slap away bad luck and rope in good luck? Are you ready for the billionaires’ hidden secret of how to get really lucky and stay on top? Play close attention!

So let’s say you pursue a new business idea or a new investment idea in hopes of making lots of money. Let’s say you risk everything — your savings…you even put yourself in debt because you have faith in the idea. After all, it’s a great idea! Well, you have a one in five chance of making the business survive and even less if it is a risky investment venture. But your idea is a great idea! So goes the same belief of every other person who risked their savings. Yet the failure rate still stands where it does (at 80% failure). So you have a one in five chance at success. You risked everything for those odds. You followed the advice of business and investment gurus and risked it all! Luck — bad luck — is most likely to visit you.

With one secret technique of the societies you can cut those bad odds in half. Then in half again. And again. And then shift the odds into your favor for survival. Then more and more in your favor until luck — good luck — finds you!

Here we go: let’s say you put your mind to work and come up with a compelling, competing idea or a simple way to enhance your original idea. In my line of work this is called a “split-run”. Basically, it is a matter of testing different ideas against “the control” or original idea. If one test beats out the control, then it becomes the new control. This concept of testing ideas against the control works in any business.

In my business my split-runs occur in my advertisements in the mail; for you maybe your split-runs occur in your product displays in your new store, whether brick-and-mortar or on-line…or split-runs of your VSL (video sales letter)…or other split-run marketing tests from the sales letter to the funnel converting sales to upselling. Do split-run tests on everything you can, from marketing…to the product itself. It can be anything from a little idea that may slightly enhance the control to a major competing idea to replace the control.

Once you begin testing ideas against the control, you start immediately cutting down the odds of failure. Just one competing “good” idea tested against your original “good” idea gives you two possibilities at success instead of one and actually cuts your odds of failure in half.

Think about that: one test doubles your odds of success!

Moreover, by elevating your mind into this testing mode, always thinking of ideas to test against the control (to enhance the control or to altogether replace the control), you successfully lift your mind into ongoing creative thinking. You will be amazed at how creative and powerful your mind will become. You will evolve a rare creation-driven mind of the geniuses (who eventually create billion-dollar enterprises). And by the way, each split-run test with better results than the control opens a whole new direction to pursue further, to learn more, with more tests. This causes an unending cycle of growth and creativity that brings good luck into your business.

Once you get into this testing mode and your creative mind kicks in, you lower and lower over and over again your risk of failure — you survive. And the longer you survive in this testing/creative mode, the more you increase and increase over and over again your chance of capturing the idea that clicks with the public…what everyone calls “the big idea” or the “next billion-dollar idea.” And when that happens, people the world over will be amazed at your genius “big idea.” You, on the other hand, will know that you “muscled” your way into that idea.

Indeed, I am teaching you how to “muscle” bad luck out of your life and good luck into your life. I am teaching you how to stop bad luck in its tracks and slap away failure AND, at the same time, how to reach out and grab elusive good luck by its tail and yank it into your life. I am teaching you how to become immune to failure and how to get on the fast-track to the wealthy-elite class. I am teaching you a secret of the societies and their billionaires!

And whereas they won’t tell you their secrets, I will. You just learned how to break down this nebulous but vital thing called luck and scientifically make luck work for you, not against you. Good luck is absolutely necessary for big-money success. This testing/creative mode is a highly-guarded secret of the societies and their billionaires. They know exactly how to chase bad luck away and reach out and yank good luck into their lives. This is how they do it! Year after year!

Use this split-run tool to show you the way and open the road ahead…and along with the numbers (revealed next) and their ten-second miracles, these powerful tools become your trusted guide, your map, into the world of wealth and extraordinary exhilaration and happiness. Remember, your journey here is not just about money — it’s about money, happiness and love. Over the next year, you will get it all. Stick with me, for I will make sure of that!

We are just getting started. Your journey with me in the Society will gain extraordinary momentum with each new Lesson over the next year! These Lessons build with synergistic monetary results. You are right now at the earliest beginnings.

Now, back to the Ten Second Miracles and their Financial Wormholes — the near-instantaneous shortcuts to making really good money like the restaurant that I boosted into a cash cow in a matter of seconds.

The Society split open the mystery of the mind to look inside and discover the secrets to a new mentality — integrated or puzzle-building thinking. Inside the mind we discovered the secrets to forming Ten Second Miracles and finding Financial Wormholes.

Let us start by revisiting a story I’ve told in the past about a man named Charles Nash. In 1890, he was a young man around 25-years-old hired in a company that made horse carriages to do the most boring, routine-rut job imaginable: pounding iron. He stepped into that stagnant job and quickly made a Ten-Second Miracle. He suggested a power hammer that saved the company a lot of money and permanently changed the way that job was done. Nash was then moved to the drill press. When the owner of the company came by his station a few days later, Nash had accomplished another Ten-Second Miracle. His station looked entirely different than all the others. He had designed a treadle and an overhead spring that left both hands free for faster production. The company permanently adopted Nash’s breakthrough and moved him to yet another routine-rut job, but this time to see what Ten-Second Miracle he would bring the company. Nash quickly performed another Ten-Second Miracle in the trimming department. He told management to buy a better grade of tacks so the men, who held them in their mouths, would not spit them out on the floor from cut lips and tongues, wasting the company’s money. Nash saw his place of work through different eyes than his working-man peers. He saw through to the essence of the business…to the money-making essence. Needless to say, he not only opened Financial Wormholes for the company, but for himself as well. He quickly rose as a self-leader to the top of that company. And as the business evolved into cars, in just his mid-40s, he rose to the top of General Motors and eventually started his own car company that put out the famous Nash Rambler.

A key to the Ten-Second Miracles and finding Financial Wormholes lies in that story and in the story I told you today about my first job. My mind, Nash’s mind, worked differently than others in order to make our Ten-Second Miracles and open Financial Wormholes.

Consider, the other dishwashers’ minds did not work the way my mind worked, nor did the other working men’s minds work the way Nash’s mind worked. Most human minds just do not work the Ten-Second Miracle way.

Because our minds do not naturally work that way, you need certain tools to make these Ten-Second Miracles that provide you with Financial Wormholes. To grasp those tools, let us look back now at the stories of Nash and of me as a dishwasher. How did Nash come through with all those Ten-Second Miracles on his way to the top? How did I as a fifteen-year-old dishwasher come through with such a business-saving Ten-Second Miracle? Both Nash and I were looking at business differently — from a different viewpoint. We both saw the business through different eyes — through the eyes of numbers. I kept looking at the business around me as how to improve the number of customers and, therefore, increase the profits. Nash kept looking at the business around him as how to make things more cost-saving efficient and, therefore, increase the profits. As a result of our different viewpoint of the businesses we worked for, we both experienced invaluable Ten-Second Miracles and created precious Financial Wormholes for the businesses we worked for and for ourselves.

Looking at the business around us through the eyes of numbers opens up a whole new world. John D. Rockefeller frequently talked about that whole new world of numbers. NUMBERS ARE YOUR TOOLS TO MAKE TEN-SECOND MIRACLES YOURSELF.

Here’s how it happens. Seeing through the eyes of numbers drags your routine-stuck mind out of its perceive-and-react prison and pulls your mind into the perceive-and-integrate self-leader world. When Rockefeller discovered that new world, he had a hard time leaving work and went on to become the richest man alive. All super achievers discovered this new world. With my mentoring in the society, you will too.

Numbers pull you out of the routine way your mind always works and onto creativity. Numbers are your tools to shake up your routine thinking patterns — to see things differently, to see past your routine labor to the essence of the business, sparking creativity by integrating knowledge in never-before-thought-of ways to see new ways of doing things, just like Nash and me.

The Ten-Second Miracles use numbers to pull your mind out of the stagnant following mode into the exhilarating creating mode. Numbers and subsequent Ten-Second Miracles is how Rockefeller and Nash and all superachievers got so successful and wealthy. For, those numbers are how the superachievers pried their minds loose from the old following mode and rolled ahead into creativity — value creation at all levels…starting small with efficiencies such as the younger Nash suggesting a power hammer all the way up to major contributions to the world such as the older Nash bringing us Nash Motors and his beloved Nash Rambler.

Now, it is your turn to pry your mind from the old following mode routine rut. To do this, I want you to start looking through the eyes of numbers all around you at work. (This new mindset also works well for retired folks wanting to make major money as taught in the secrets to come.) Start small, just with improving the efficiencies of your own tasks. That first step gets your mind looking at things differently — looking at the numbers, the essence of business, even on a small scale. Improve your efficiency; notice the improvement in terms of the numbers. What do you save the company in time and costs? Now, you are making a difference in your company, and that is rewarding. That is inspiring. Let your awareness of numbers grow within you.

You need to spend two weeks focused on numbers; working hard observing the essence of the company you work for, just as Charles Nash did, just as I did, just as every superachiever did. I am not asking you to make a Ten-Second Miracle within two weeks, although some of you will. However, I am trying to get your mind to work in a way it has not worked before. I am getting your mind to make a leap into another way of thinking — integrated thinking. It is a dramatic leap from the specialized following mind into the creative integrating mind. But I give you the tools to make that leap. And as you do, you will begin to open Financial Wormholes that move you from a place of poverty or mediocrity to a place ripe with riches almost instantly. This new way of thinking is THE fast track to great wealth, whether in your working years or retired.

So today you were introduced to two of the secrets held exclusively within the Secret Societies:

1) how to muscle your way with split-runs into being really lucky

2) how to redirect your mind with numbers into making Ten-Second Miracles.

As an inner-circle member of the Society, we deliver many more secrets of the societies exclusively to you, to our soulmate. You cannot get the secrets of the societies anywhere else in the world…that’s why they are Secret Societies. But as an inner-circle member, we deliver, month after month.

When you join us as an inner-circle member you will receive a substantial batch of life-lifting secrets of the societies monthly along with the tools to implement them and cash in! The Secrets of the Societies build momentum and monetary results with each passing month. Your wealth grows. The cost to you to be in our inner circle and to receive the secrets of the societies month after lucrative month is $300 for one full year. The secrets of the societies build wealth, romance and power possible nowhere else, month after month. After one year your $300 purchase price will seem like pennies in your pocket. Your wealth will steadily build month after month, guaranteed. (You may opt out at any time, and you will be credited a prorated refund.) But because you are our soulmate – a searcher – I know you will be in our inner-circle learning more and more secrets of the societies for your full year.

Nothing feels better than living at the highest rungs of society. Only inner-circle members of the Secret Societies get to live at that level. Now, as an inner-circle member, you can live at that level too. Alongside of me.

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