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Below we give you the secret of the societies for becoming slim and sexy. That way, you can witness the Society’s skill at cracking open the mysteries of life.  At that point, you may join the inner-circle of the Society to crack open and access the secrets to a lifetime overflowing with money, power and love.  That opportunity to join us can be found below, following this secret of the societies:

The Manika Diet

Have the Body

You Always Envied

Accompanying sexy celebrity Manika (above) to her Hollywood red-carpet events (above was at the 58th Grammys Red Carpet), I could not help but notice that, like Manika, so many celebrities looked so beautiful and handsome — like supermodels!  How could all that beauty exist in one place! Their world looked so romantic…and sexy.

In today’s world, most of us tend to put on weight.  Food breaks the boredom; food is stimulation.  In their celebrity world, however, everything changed.  Their lives were not boring.  They no longer looked toward food to break the boredom.  Eating was looked at more as a pleasure shared with their sexy friends.  Their bodies naturally trimmed down to their optimum, most sexy weights.  They know a secret of the societies.  Being around Manika, I witnessed the secret behind her slim and sexy body, which I then personally used myself to lose 30 pounds and get a slim and sexy body!

Let’s Unlock The Secret of Slim

Three powerful survival forces have always dictated our eating patterns:

  • hunger dictates when we eat,
  • craving dictates what we eat,
  • fullness dictates how much we eat. 

Throughout our lives, the struggles we go through while trying to lose weight are very intense because we are fighting those powerful multi-million-year-old survival forces.  The secret of the gorgeous celebrity bodies, as shown to me, was to not fight those unbeatable forces, but to instead join them and make them work for us.  Then, their sexy celebrity eating pattern became so in line with our nature that it was the most satisfying diet; it was downright “addicting”!

In fact, I realized their sexy celebrity eating pattern was much more rewarding, satisfying, and fulfilling than my previous chubby diet and much easier to stay on.  In fact, when I followed Manika’s sexy celebrity eating pattern, it was downright hard to ever stop, for it was in natural accord with our survival forces. 

The endless diets on the market fight the three most powerful survival forces in our physiological makeup — the three forces of eating: craving, hunger, fullness.  The magic in the sexy celebrity eating pattern is that it not only embraces the three forces of eating but actually intensifies their satisfaction.  Craving, hunger, fullness actually feel more intensely rewarded as sexy celebrity eating reconditions us away from infinitely diverse desires for endless different foods, eating times, and quantities to intensified, targeted foods, eating times, and quantities.  Going from many foods, eating times, and quantities to set foods, eating times, and quantities intensifies craving, hunger, and fullness to such a level that we experienced “a fix” with each meal — “a fix” that ironically becomes more powerful and more “addicting” as we lose weight!  Nothing in this world could give you the uniquely wonderful feeling that comes from this sexy celebrity eating.  I know, because I enjoyed taking off 30 pounds! 

Indeed, observing Manika as her personal assistant, I personally witnessed sexy celebrity eating. Hollywood celebrities like Manika look so slim and sexy from this eating pattern.  Let us start with two secrets and twelve facts about sexy celebrity eating:

Two Secrets/Twelve Facts

Secret One: Fullness Level

  1. You cannot be afraid to eat — the resulting fear or nervousness causes the desire to eat for calmness.  With the Manika Diet, you will eat; you will also fill your desire.  So, unlike the endless tough-to-stay-on diets, there is no need to be nervous or to fear this diet.
  2. Your body knows a “fullness level”.  It will prompt you to eat until that fullness level is complete.
  3. People who are overweight, that fullness level is too high.  We will adjust that fullness level.
  4. The same concept applies to average-weight people who want to be slim — we will simply adjust your fullness level, too.
  5. The reason most diets fail is that they do not deal with fullness level.  They deal with reducing caloric intake, putting the cart before the horse.  If your body is struggling or craving more food, you will eventually give in.
  6. The Manika Diet is designed around your fullness level.  In fact, the first week of the Manika Diet is designed to locate your fullness level, not to lose weight.

Two Secrets/Twelve Facts

Secret Two: Replace Overwhelming, Infinite Struggles with an Easy-To-Handle, Solo Struggle

  1. When you reduce calories, your body craves more food.  What multiplies the problem is the infinite choices of food, making infinite triggers to set off cravings.  The many struggles add up and become overwhelming.
  2. Infinite, endless temptations cannot be beaten.
  3. The Manika Diet conditions the body to crave one thing only for each meal and the evening snack.  Then, when fullness-level adjustments occur, your body has only one struggle to overcome — its one craving.  The struggle is far from overwhelming and the body quickly adjusts.
  4. After the fullness-level adjustment is made, one can eat diversely again.  Simply go back to the Manika Diet whenever the need arises.
  5. This approach works permanently for overweight people.
  6. Also, this is the one and only diet that can enable people without a weight problem to get a new look — the model-slim look.

The Hidden Key: Eat What You Crave

Have you ever been so involved in some project so exciting that you forgot to eat?  Finally, when your stomach hurts, you probably grabbed whatever, maybe a quick burger so as to least distract your focus from your prized project.  If you were ever so lucky to enjoy such a motivating event, you got a glimpse of how life was during Manika’s celebrity projects, from filming to touring.  She was so motivated by her competitive creations that she forgot about food.  In fact, I noticed she pretty much grabbed the same thing each day for breakfast and lunch and often dinner simply out of convenience while not losing momentum or focus on her exciting creations.

Watching her and her perfect body, and being on her crazy schedule as her personal assistant, I tried this sexy celebrity eating, too.  As the days went by, eating the same breakfast, lunch and often grabbing the same dinner…an odd thing happened: I stopped craving my favorite foods.  In fact, the only thing I could now classify as a “craving” was for those very same foods I had been eating over and over again. 

Manika’s celebrity lifestyle dramatically affected her eating pattern.  Eating was now an afterthought only.  And I too joined her celebrity eating pattern.  Ironically, I now preferred the “same old thing”, “the usual”, for breakfast, lunch, even dinner.  If someone brought me something different, although I would smile and say “thanks,” I would have rather had “the usual”. 

Having witnessed and then experienced this unusual new eating pattern in Hollywood, I realized I could adopt that new eating pattern (less the exciting celebrity lifestyle, of course) myself.  A powerful diet could be patterned after the eating habits of busy celebrities in Hollywood.  Later Manika would tell me that she and other sexy celebrities learned this sexy eating pattern from a secret society, of which she was a member.

I realized, the master key to this Hollywood diet was: you could now eat what you craved!  Therefore, it would work now and always.

“But if I ate what I craved, I’d become a blimp,” you say?  Well, did you know that you can get your body to crave certain foods and certain quantities at certain times of the day?  When those particular foods and quantities are consumed, you will become relaxed and satisfied until your next scheduled craving.  I saw this happen to Manika and to other celebrities in Hollywood. Then it happened to me.

The key is you can now develop your own cravings.  And so be it: you can now eat what you crave.

I further realized you could develop your own dynamics of hunger and fullness once you got used to eating at set times and set quantities.  The three survival forces that dictated our eating patterns not only could be custom made for us, but could for the first time be made to work for losing weight instead of against it.  Of course, you could imagine the “new you” that would come from this new diet, as it did for me.

In our ordinary world, if you are normal, you crave just about everything all the time.  That problem creates ongoing struggles in your life.  Since the choices of foods are almost infinite, the odds are overwhelming that your cravings will win.  And they do.  The ongoing struggles against “giving in” wear people down, and they eventually give in.  Every evening from dinner to bedtime, for instance, the poor dieter has to go through a dozen or so struggles just to keep from biting into one of the dozens of available foods in the average pantry.  In time, most people lose the endless battle and eventually become overweight. 

The only way to effectively and permanently lose weight is to remove the struggles — the cause of becoming overweight.  Trying to reduce intake per se does a temporary job at best because the struggles still exist.  Those struggles occur every day and every evening.  Such persistency eventually prevails. 

You see, in today’s world, we tend to get bored with lots of time on our hands, especially in the evenings.  During those uneventful evenings, the desire to snack is persistent; the struggles to keep from snacking are relentless.  But the times I worked as Manika’s personal assistant, she showed me that in Hollywood she was wrapped up in such exciting projects at work and such exciting celebrations with other celebrities that she seldom thought about eating and almost never desired to snack.  So, the struggles to keep from snacking did not even exist.  Her cravings for the endless foods in the average pantry were gone. 

Adopting the magic behind Manika’s slim and sexy looks, let us get to the reason — no struggles.  The struggles, of course, are your natural cravings for the endless different foods in your pantry and refrigerator.  So, to eliminate those struggles, we will start by dealing with the physical cravings:

Let’s Get Started

Eliminating sweets, think of your favorite breakfast, your favorite lunch, your favorite dinner, and your favorite evening snack.  Ask yourself: “What breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack do I like enough to have over and over again every single day for the next two months?”  Think about this, because for at least the next month or two you will eat the very same breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snack each day.  

At first, this may seem boring.  But you will find that your body becomes conditioned to those foods and begins craving those foods and, eventually, only those foods.  When you eat, your body becomes much more intensely satisfied because its one and only exact craving is hit — bull’s-eye.  And as we begin to gradually adjust your fullness level down, your body’s craving goes up.  Its craving will be for these specific foods only.  When your craving intensifies, your satisfaction level intensifies when you eat your next meal.  The Manika Diet actually becomes addicting to where you never want to leave it even after getting the model look.

When I tried the new eating pattern myself, I became sexy!  After losing thirty pounds, I had to eventually force myself off the diet and from my intensely targeted cravings to eat more diverse dinners with my family.  In short, the Manika Diet felt good.

The First Week: Establish Fullness Level And Cravings

The first week of the Manika Diet will be spent determining what you like to eat, excluding sweets, and the amount that makes you full.  You will select a particular breakfast and quantity, a particular lunch and quantity, a particular dinner and quantity, and a particular evening snack and quantity.  Eat your selected foods at about the same time each day, always the same foods and quantities.  Find the level where you feel comfortably full and have no additional hunger cravings. 

Now hone in on the evening snack.  Eating in the evenings is where the most damage is done to weight control.  We more or less eat what our bodies need during the day.  The evening eating is the unneeded excess food that causes us to gain.  For this evening snack, select a food that is not sweet but is satisfying in taste and fullness.  I personally chose unsweetened frozen blueberries and poured evaporated milk on them.  The thick milk froze into a creamy substance, as if I were eating blueberry ice cream.  (You may prefer to mix the blueberries and evaporated milk in a blender and then freeze a little longer if you really want to give it a blueberry ice cream consistency.)  I’d sprinkle the creamy blueberries with Stevia.  That satisfied both my sweet tooth and my fullness level.  And that blueberry ice cream concoction took a long and satisfying time to eat every evening.

One substantial evening snack that does not change night after night begins to condition your body to crave that one food.  You look for that one food, that same amount, at about the same time.  As the craving grows, so does the satisfaction when fed.  Soon, you desire no other foods or feedings in the evening at all.  …You are now on your way to controlling your weight, all while feeling more and more satisfied!  This magical Manika Diet becomes more satisfying and far easier than a chubby person’s diet or even a normal person’s diet, for they are always fighting their cravings.

The Second Week: Weight Reduction Begins

Now you have been eating the exact same breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack — always at about the same time — every day for one full week.  You have been eating the same amount each day — an amount that leaves you satisfied.  Now, you will reduce one of those four feedings — the evening snack.  You will cut that evening snack in half.

When this happens, your diet actually increases in satisfaction.  Here’s why:  Instead of completely satisfying your fullness level now, you are slightly below it.  That immediately intensifies your targeted cravings, which intensifies the satisfaction when servicing those cravings — bull’s-eye.  Suddenly, when you cut that evening snack in half, you will find yourself craving your next feeding — in this case, your breakfast.  You will enjoy that breakfast and feel exceptionally good after eating it.  

Remember, you have established your set food at a set time and quantity for each meal.  When you cut your evening snack in half and fall below your fullness level, suddenly those “boring” set foods you have been loyally eating each day after day take on a life of their own.  You see, now you begin to really crave those foods.  Before long, you not only crave them, but you crave only those set foods and those set quantities!

At first, you will experience a struggle — one solo struggle — in the evening now that your evening snack is half.  But that one solo struggle will not last long — a few days — before your body adjusts.  Your body will never adjust when fighting infinite struggles, but a solo struggle subsides quickly.  When that solo struggle subsides, you have permanently reformed your fullness level.  You will acquire a new look at that reformed fullness level.  Congratulations!

Again, a nice benefit about this diet is: as you reduce or eliminate one craving/feeding, you intensify the other cravings/feedings, which intensifies your satisfaction throughout the day while servicing those cravings.  The Manika Diet creates a powerful and unique physical satisfaction you can get no other way.

As your fullness level adjusts downward, you will not experience an increased appetite during your other set feedings, just a more intense craving for those set foods and quantities, and a more intense satisfaction at each feeding.  …After the second week, you begin feeling very healthy and in control.

The Third Week: Noticeable Weight Loss

Before we go on, let me make a point:  You are on your way to losing weight that can finally stay off for the rest of your life.  So, you have no reason to push this along.  Take your time.  If this schedule brings up a sense of panic, then double the timetable.  If, going into this third week, you feel anxiety about dropping the evening snack altogether, then wait another week or longer until you truly feel ready.  Feelings of fear or anxiety or panic are not only common but totally natural when losing weight. We emotionally fight a fear of failure.  Moreover, our bodies are so private and important to us that we simply tend to get nervous when dieting.  All those feelings hurt your progress and are unnecessary.  If you feel nervous or seem afraid to take the next step, then don’t.  Wait until your body tells you it’s ready.  Your body will tell you when it’s right — both physically and emotionally — for you.

That being said, now you will eliminate the evening snack altogether.  Most dieters strive to achieve this goal, for this accomplishment is when major weight loss occurs.  But those dieters eventually fail at this point.  Moreover, they subconsciously know they are going to fail, leaving them nervous and anxious, wanting to eat even more.

Our secret here is:  We have reduced the evening struggles from overwhelming infinite struggles to one solo struggle — our one craving — that we can overcome.

Just as you conditioned your body from infinite cravings at feeding times to one set craving, you will soon condition your body from one set craving for your evening snack to no craving at all.  Your other cravings will intensify, especially breakfast.  But your evening craving will go away.  Now, here is an important tip:  Until then, go to bed early in the evenings.  That is the easiest and quickest way to beat your one solo struggle before it goes away forever.  Also, I enjoyed sipping on a 16-ounce bottle of caffeine-free diet pop.  It just kept my mouth occupied in the evenings.

Once that evening craving is gone, you have again successfully adjusted your daily fullness level downward.  Now you have a whole new fullness level.  With it will come a whole new look — a substantially slimmer look.  Your new fullness level is permanent because the struggles have left. 


The Fourth Week: Going For It

Let me reiterate:  This may be the eighth week (or longer) for you, and that is perfectly fine.  You do not even need to think about this step until you and your body say, “It’s time.”  In fact, I suggest holding off on this step until you see just how slim you become first with your new fullness level that eliminates the evening snack.  Then and only then, if you still want to go slimmer, here’s what you do:

Realize that every successful diet ultimately reduces to rationing consumption.  But rationing consumption fails because of the infinite cravings (i.e., struggles).  Our secret to success here is reducing infinite random cravings to one targeted craving.  Whereas people cannot overcome infinite cravings bombarding them at many different times throughout the day, they can overcome one craving that arises at one set time during the day.  First we reduce infinite cravings to one craving; then we reduce that one craving to no cravings.  At this point, we have permanently reformed our fullness level.

Now, if we want to become slimmer still, we permanently reform our fullness level again.  Realize that only by eliminating our craving (for a full feeding or for a particular quantity) do we forever keep off the weight.  Other diets eliminate some intake, but the cravings remain in full force (or are amplified by hunger, nervousness, and anxieties).  Therefore, the dieter loses in the end.  The Manika Diet, by contrast, eliminates the craving by systematically reforming the fullness level.

After eliminating all desire for an evening snack (or simply cutting it in half if that brings the desired results), you must target one of your other feedings to reduce the quantity if you want to go slimmer still.  For me, that was breakfast.  My body simply has little appetite in the morning, so I cut my breakfast in half.  Of course, that made my set lunches much more satisfying.  Soon, I cut out breakfast altogether and simply stopped craving it.  Again, I reformed my fullness level.

All my body wanted now was lunch and dinner.  And, wow, did I ever enjoy those two set cravings…or, perhaps more descriptively, two set “addictions” that left me feeling really good, like a “fix” — the most satisfying diet I have ever tried.  Although I never would have believed it when I was heavier, I now only craved two meals a day and was far more satisfied than when I was heavier and always watching what I ate to keep from getting fat.  When I was heavier, my diet was a constant struggle.  Now, it was no struggle at all, yet more intensely satisfying!  I really liked the unique feeling from the Manika Diet.  …I actually miss it.

Today, I have no more struggles.  I am thirty pounds lighter and have been this weight for years.  I had to leave this diet of one set food for my two meals to eat dinner with my family.  But my reformed fullness level never left me.  Now and then I go back to the Manika Diet when I feel my appetite going up.  I easily lasso it back.  I have told my spouse over and over how happy I am to look so young and slim when so many of my peers have unfortunately lost their youthful looks to weight gain.

A Final Comment: Use Any Combination Best For You

The Manika Diet harnesses the two essentials to permanently losing weight:  1)  Reduce the infinite struggles to one struggle, by establishing set cravings.  2) Then, eliminate the solo struggle to no struggle, permanently reforming fullness level.

Every person has different psychological and physical needs or desires.  For some, it is simply a psychological (not a physical) must to have an evening snack to help relax and, perhaps, accompany watching TV.  If that is your situation, DO NOT WORRY.  Instead, follow this diet and its two secrets to merely reduce the evening snack and another feeding.  In fact, any combination that reduces intake is perfectly fine.  The key is to always put the horse before the cart — to reduce then altogether eliminate the struggles, which permanently reforms fullness level.

For instance, some people doing this Manika Diet prefer to target breakfast, first, not the evening snack.  Some people have less appetite in the morning and feel “safer” targeting breakfast.  That is PERFECTLY FINE.  Moreover, for many working people, they are so busy in the morning, their minds are less on food than they may be in the evening at home when relaxed.  Being busy makes overcoming the solo struggle that much easier.  If you feel this way, then by all means target breakfast.  Cut your breakfast in half.  Then next, either cut out breakfast altogether, or cut your evening snack in half, too.  Others, by contrast, like a substantial breakfast and target other feedings, perhaps lunch.  In any case, the result is the same — as you permanently reform your fullness level, you permanently reduce intake and acquire a new look.

A potent little tip:  Since the evening snack and breakfast seem to be the most targeted feedings to reduce, I found it helpful to eat my lunches earlier.  Remember, I eventually eliminated both my evening snack and breakfast, so I really craved and looked forward to my lunches.  As my craving intensified for lunch, my satisfaction soared while eating lunch.  Setting my lunch time at 10:30 or 11:00 instead of noon or later helped me get over my solo struggle when cutting out the evening snack and then breakfast.  …Remember, the whole idea behind the Manika Diet is to reduce your infinite struggles to a solo struggle, and then to reduce that manageable solo struggle to no struggle.  Then, you have permanently reformed your fullness level.  Of course, then you can go out for dinner and eat whatever you wish without worrying about a thing, for now your new fullness level rations your intake for you.  You will not even have to think about it!

The Manika Diet


Your Body:

  1. Determine Foods & Fullness Levels:  The first week is spent determining the foods you will eat steadily for a month and the quantities that make you full.  Eat the same meal, same quantity, at about the same time every day.  You are building cravings to work on your behalf during this diet.
  2. Adjust Fullness Level:  The second week is spent eating a reduced feeding of your choice — perhaps cutting the evening snack in half.  Satisfying your other cravings throughout the day help you overcome the solo struggle.  By the end of the week, your body will feel satisfied eating the reduced quantity as the solo struggle fades away and fullness level permanently adjusts.
  3. Adjust Fullness Level:  The third week is spent eating another reduced feeding of your choice — perhaps cutting out the evening snack or cutting breakfast in half.  Your other cravings immediately go up and so does their satisfaction when fed, once again helping you to overcome the solo struggle.   Fullness level permanently adjusts downward.
  4. Watch Results:  The fourth week can be spent merely observing the results while remaining under total control.  By contrast, most other diets often leave us feeling unsure, even out of control; the Manika Diet puts us under immediate control, for we know exactly how our bodies handle each feeding.  We feel in control and calm.  If, after that fourth week you want to lose even more weight, then merely adjust your fullness level another step downward, as stated in Steps Two and Three above.

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