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Monetize Luck

So now I will show you — right here right now — how to push bad luck away and how to yank in lots and lots of good luck!  Indeed, many billionaires of the societies will tell you they got rich because they got really, really lucky.  But what they will not tell you is: their super luck was not a coincidence.  They all have a secret; they know how to push away bad luck and yank in more and more really, really good luck!

Of course, they won’t leak their secret, but I will!  I am a wealthy member in The Society.

Understand that many billionaires got rich because they got very, very lucky.  They admit it.  Mark Zuckerberg admits it.  They confess to getting very lucky, but they will never tell you that they learned a very simple trick to control (and gather) luck.

The wealthy elite want us to believe that luck is something so random — like winning a lottery — that we won’t ever expect super good luck.  That way we never look for it, we never work for it, and the rich quietly monopolize it.

But super good luck, like everything in life, is controllable through persistent focus.

You heard me right: luck can be and is controlled (and gathered) by the rich through persistent focus.  It is one of their greatest kept secrets!

Think about it: everything in life is beneficially affected when a persistent focus is applied toward it.  So why should luck be any different?  I know it seems like luck is purely random…and that is exactly what the rich want you to believe!  That way you never expect to get really lucky; you never really try to get billionaire-rich because you believe only one out of millions ever gets so randomly lucky (like Mark Zuckerberg).  This way, without us ordinary people ever believing we can get lucky and rich, the wealthy have no competition!

But with the right focus done the right way, you can have your way with lady luck!  You can scientifically gather good luck — a key ingredient to becoming a millionaire or billionaire!

It takes good luck to get wealthy — there is no way up into the big money without some good luck.  Luck can be controlled, culled, and used for a rapid climb to the wealthy elite class.

Let me tell you, luck will be one of the most important things you ever add to your life!  With it your life can be full of riches, romance, and constant good fortune.  Luck makes it all so easy!

Simply put, good luck is a catalyst to wealth, romance and many other wonderful things.  When viewing luck as a catalyst, a scientific approach to luck unfolds.  The billionaires all know what I am about to tell you.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself:  How do Warren Buffet and rich investors like him get lucky their entire lives, over and over again, decade after decade?  The straight odds are fantastically against that.  In fact, the odds make such decades-long luck streaks impossible.  There is something else going on.  Something we never suspect or question. It’s called: controlling and gathering luck!

Stop to think: Buffet is one of the richest men in the world by investing decade after decade and just always getting so lucky after lucky.  With that kind of impossible ongoing luck, doesn’t it make sense that he has a science behind his luck?  No one ever questions how he gets so lucky for so long.  And of course he won’t reveal that science — his secret — to the world, for if he did, then he would be flooded with competition!

The billionaires’ great secret technique on luck and wealth has been hidden, and no one questions their luck.  It’s like a family secret…a secret fraternity of the wealthy, sacredly holding this secret within, among its rich members only.  Decade after decade no one suspects or questions their uncanny luck.  Yet the odds are beyond impossible for such luck to repeat itself decade after decade.  Indeed, we are conditioned to believe that the very rich are life’s lottery winners and, therefore, we never question their odds-defying luck streaks.  But I did question their luck, and I unearthed and use their highly-coveted secret to luck and wealth.

So I now CONTROL luck just like the billionaires, their catalyst to wealth.  Imagine it; I brought good luck into my life just as you will!  And I got rid of all bad luck so my life was suddenly blissful and happy!  To my shock and amazement, getting rid of bad luck and yanking in good luck became routine in my life.  The same will happen to you.  I will never stop using the luck-catalyst to the wealthy life!  And neither will you.

Until now, the wealthy had the monopoly on good luck.  Think about it: have you ever seen a person who is struggling near poverty ever enjoy good luck?  Yet we see the richest people in the world such as Warren Buffet getting so very lucky with his investments day after day, decade after decade!  But now, for the first time, you can too.  And you can introduce your family and friends to the Society so they can too!  Life very quickly rises from a helpless struggle against poverty to the lucky life of the wealthy!

Think about it: Good luck can make you a billionaire.  Bad luck can make you a bum.  From now on, you will eliminate bad luck and rope in endless good luck.

Let’s get started:

You may have…or you may know someone who has…started a business or financial venture based on an idea.  Obviously you or your friend thought it was a very good idea in order to risk your savings or, worse, go into debt for.  Sometimes people risk their life’s savings or sink themselves deep into debt because they get so excited over “the idea”.

And, of course, we are motivated by the billionaires’ success stories of their “billion-dollar ideas” — the Facebooks, Googles, Amazons…and before that the Starbucks, McDonalds, Walmarts…and before that the Ford Motor Companies, the GEs, the Sears & Roebucks.  True, those billion-dollar companies grew from an idea that clicked with the public.

But what you don’t know is this: just as you see the faces of lucky lottery winners smiling big, similarly the faces of billion-dollar business owners, always smiling big like Mark Zuckerberg…those billion-dollar-company owners are lucky lottery winners in business.   In others words, their big ideas luckily “won the lottery” when they clicked with the public.  There’s that word again: LUCK.

Luck.  They got really lucky!

For every mega-money lottery winner there are millions who lost.  For every billion-dollar company there are millions of business ventures that lost.

Yet every single one of those business ventures sprang up from what its founders and backers believed was a good idea…no, a GREAT idea.

The hidden truth is this:  Ideas are neither good nor bad — they are ideas only.  No one knows how the idea will click with the marketplace.  When we risk everything behind a “great idea,” we are merely gambling, and the odds are against us.

Indeed, according to Forbes, for every ten businesses started, only two survive after eighteen months.  And the odds get worse for risky investment ventures.  We not only are gambling, but the odds are at least five to one against us.  Just like the mega lottery winners, the mega business or investment success stories are simply after-the-fact “lottery winners” in business.  That’s why they are always smiling so big!  Their idea was one out of millions that clicked with the public.

But just as you cannot predict the future of the weather say a year out, you cannot predict the future of a “great” business or investment idea.  Too many random and unpredictable variables are at play, and the chaos theory takes over.  Namely, you cannot predict how the diverse public will respond or how effective your marketing will be.  Timing in relation to an array of unreadable variables, among other things, plays a major role.  The same is true in the music world for new artists trying to break in.  There are many parallels between new businesses or investment ventures and new artists.

When you risk your savings, life savings or, God forbid, sink yourself into debt for a “great idea” or “great song” if you’re an artist, you have set yourself up for failure.

You need luck.  You need to get really lucky!

It’s time to teach you the hidden secret of the billionaires that ropes in “luck” and reverses your situation from near-certain failure to near-certain success.  And with every passing day using this secret, your odds increase toward making the really lucky “big idea” or “big song” that clicks with the public, around which you can build a billion-dollar empire.

So are you ready to slap away bad luck and rope in good luck?  Are you ready for the billionaires’ hidden secret of how to get really lucky and stay on top?  Play close attention!

So let’s say you pursue a new business idea or a new investment idea in hopes of making lots of money.  Let’s say you risk everything — your savings…you even put yourself in debt because you have faith in the idea.  After all, it’s a great idea!  Well, you have a one in five chance of making the business survive and even less if it is a risky investment venture.  But your idea is a great idea!  So goes the same belief of every other person who risked their savings.  Yet the failure rate still stands where it does (at 80% failure).  So you have a one in five chance at success.  You risked everything for those odds.  You followed the advice of business and investment gurus and risked it all!  Luck — bad luck — is most likely to visit you.

With one secret technique of the societies you can cut those bad odds in half.   Then in half again.  And again.  And then shift the odds into your favor for survival.  Then more and more in your favor until luck — good luck — finds you!

Here we go: let’s say you put your mind to work and come up with a compelling, competing idea or a simple way to enhance your original idea.  In my line of work this is called a “split-run”.  Basically, it is a matter of testing different ideas against “the control” or original idea.  If one test beats out the control, then it becomes the new control.  This concept of testing ideas against the control works in any business.

In my business my split-runs occur in my advertisements in the mail; for you maybe your split-runs occur in your product displays in your new store, whether brick-and-mortar or on-line…or  split-runs of your VSL (video sales letter)…or other split-run marketing tests from the sales letter to the funnel converting sales to upselling.  Do split-run tests on everything you can, from marketing…to the product itself.  It can be anything from a little idea that may slightly enhance the control to a major competing idea to replace the control.

Once you begin testing ideas against the control, you start immediately cutting down the odds of failure.  Just one competing “good” idea tested against your original “good” idea gives you two possibilities at success instead of one and actually cuts your odds of failure in half.

Think about that: one test doubles your odds of success!

Moreover, by elevating your mind into this testing mode, always thinking of ideas to test against the control (to enhance the control or to altogether replace the control), you successfully lift your mind into ongoing creative thinking.  You will be amazed at how creative and powerful your mind will become.  You will evolve a rare creation-driven mind of the geniuses (who eventually create billion-dollar enterprises).  And by the way, each split-run test with better results than the control opens a whole new direction to pursue further, to learn more, with more tests.  This causes an unending cycle of growth and creativity that brings good luck into your business.

Once you get into this testing mode and your creative mind kicks in, you lower and lower over and over again your risk of failure — you survive.  And the longer you survive in this testing/creative mode, the more you increase and increase over and over again your chance of capturing the idea that clicks with the public…what everyone calls “the big idea” or the “next billion-dollar idea.”  And when that happens, people the world over will be amazed at your genius “big idea.”  You, on the other hand, will know that you “muscled” your way into that idea.

Indeed, I am teaching you how to “muscle” bad luck out of your life and good luck into your life.  I am teaching you how to stop bad luck in its tracks and slap away failure AND, at the same time, how to reach out and grab elusive good luck by its tail and yank it into your life.  I am teaching you how to become immune to failure and how to get on the fast-track to the wealthy-elite class.  I am teaching you a secret of the societies and their billionaires!

And whereas they won’t tell you their secrets, I will.  You just learned how to break down this nebulous but vital thing called luck and scientifically make luck work for you, not against you.  Good luck is absolutely necessary for big-money success.  This testing/creative mode is a highly-guarded secret of the societies and their billionaires.  They know exactly how to chase bad luck away and reach out and yank good luck into their lives.  This is how they do it!  Year after year!

Use this split-run tool to show you the way and open the road ahead…and along with the financial wormholes and ten-second miracles (revealed above in Secret #1), these powerful tools become your trusted guide, your map, into the world of wealth and extraordinary exhilaration and happiness.  Remember, your journey here is not just about money — it’s about money, happiness and love.  Over the next year, you will get it all.  Stick with me, for I will make sure of that!

We are just getting started.  Your journey with me in the Society will gain extraordinary momentum with each new message I send you over the next year!  Month after month you will be sent a batch of Secrets of the Societies to help you rise to the luckiest, richest, sexiest individual in YOUR universe!

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