Cure To Aging


Research & Development Project

Uncovers THE

Definitive Cure to Aging

After fifty-three years in a privately-funded, highly-guarded research and development project, The Society is now releasing the definitive treatment to curing aging.

The Society has worked in secret for over a half century to develop this treatment that has never been fathomed before.  With the release of this highly-guarded information, finally the controversy will end.  All questions will be answered.

Our definitive treatment to curing aging transcends everything on the market.  In fact, after being exposed to our breakthrough, one realizes most anti-aging approaches fall terribly short in light of our treatment.  We have for the first time broken through to the definitive treatment to curing aging.

During our 53-year research and development project carried out in secret, we uncovered some other mankind-shifting breakthroughs as well along the way.  When you embark on this journey to curing aging, you will also cure financial depression, emotional stagnation, romantic dissatisfaction, political subjugation.  There has never been even a conception of a journey like this that delivers financial success, emotional exhilaration, romantic elevation, political freedom along a new path toward prolonged physical youth, vigor and beauty.

The cure to aging, created in secret for over fifty years, takes you through this journey to wealth, romance, happiness and youth.  Let’s go now to the Society member who developed the formula to curing aging:

The Journey

I was seven years old 56 years ago when my father — a former senior research scientist for Du Pont — introduced me to the idea of curing aging.  He was deep into a Du Pont research project at the time for a promising cure to cancer, which he later told me all about along with what killed that promising project.  The idea of curing complex diseases such as cancer and eventually curing aging itself never left me.

Forty years ago I joined my father on the journey to curing aging.1  The concept was alien to most people.  Back then, the idea of curing aging seemed like quackery.  Any serious discussion on my part about choosing to live for 150 years, 200 years, or longer caused my listeners’ eyes to glaze over.

1We lost my father 16 years ago.  He started something that could not be stopped.

Four decades ago I learned that people really did NOT want to live much longer than their life expectancy.  I learned that I was battling both perceived quackery and apathy.  Early on, I realized I could not reveal my true goal in life and that I had to work toward my goal in secret, which explains my involvement and isolation in a secret society for four decades.  I told no one beyond my closest loved ones and those in the secret society about my deepest mission in life: to cure aging and give people the choice not to die.

In order to successfully proceed on my secret mission to cure aging, I realized I first had to learn why people did not want that choice not to die.  This began an amazing journey into the human psyche.  I learned that the world’s business structures and nearly all our jobs — our routine ruts — block the very essence of our minds: the ability to create.  Instead nearly all jobs bring us the very anti-essence of our minds: the inability to create…in other words, we stagnate.

Our innate ability to create values — creation — exhilarates us and brings us abiding happiness.  By contrast, our inability to create — stagnation — drains us and brings us unhappiness and eventually depression.  No one wants to live too long with stagnation, unhappiness, and depression.

Over the decades I discovered and developed the great breakthrough to creation: puzzle-building integrated thinking.  With puzzle-building integrated thinking, I was able to clear a path to creativity never known before; I cleared a path for the ordinary person — working or retired — to creativity.  And I soon learned that creativity led to untold wealth.  Indeed, members in the Society suddenly started to become wealthy!  To my amazement, ordinary people who were members of the Society started getting rich using my breakthrough.  I witnessed their lives light up like never before.

Creating for the first time, those members sprang to life and discovered what they were meant to do with their lives.  Dead-end stagnation vanished as open-ended value creation took over.  Exhilaration instantly and permanently replaced stagnation.  I watched them discover that elusive “something more” to life…the life they were meant to live but never had before.  The life worth living forever.  I can’t tell you just how amazing I felt witnessing the members’ lives soar to new levels of wealth and happiness!  You can imagine the love we all felt in the Society!

And as I watched them get rich, take vacations and enjoy life like never before, I knew I had overcome the first obstacle to not wanting to live forever.  With their exciting new lives, the Society members wanted for the first time to live forever.  I knew I had broken through and needed to bring this breakthrough to the masses.

Until now, nearly all people have been stuck in the only routine known on Earth: dead-end ruts that pull them down into stagnation over time.  But now, for the first time, the ordinary person could transform his or her boring routine-rut, that dead-end life trapped in stagnation, into an exhilarating creation-driven open-ended life soaring with exciting creation.  The rewards have proven to be limitless.  Many members of the Society are now multi-millionaires!  I only wished at the time of this breakthrough that I could take it to the whole world.  But I knew there was a second obstacle to curing aging that I had to deal with first.

So, for another decade I perfected this entirely new pathway to creativity for the ordinary person in order to bring exhilaration and happiness (and wealth) into the ordinary persons’ lives.  The members of the Society gleefully cashed in on my breakthrough.  By bringing the members their path to creativity, I brought them exhilaration, wealth, happiness and, for the first time, the desire to live longer — the demand for anti-aging cures.  As I brought my breakthrough techniques to wealth and happiness to members of the Society, I was cultivating my yet deeper mission: to make them so happy that the demand for anti-aging cures becomes overwhelming.  My mission was kept secret and highly guarded in our secret society.  I knew that eventually I would bring this breakthrough to the world — to ordinary people the world over.  But I had an enormous obstacle still to overcome.

In the Society I continued perfecting my secrets to creativity —the key to making real money — and prepared to eventually bring this giant leap to the world in which everyone becomes creative, wealthy and happy.  I knew that ordinary people worldwide subconsciously begged for this leap into creativity and wealth — that yearning for “something more” in life.  Once exposed, like my Society members, they would want, demand longer life.  Well, that day has not yet come.  We still must bring in only our soulmates — the searchers.  You are among those soulmates invited to join us and dive into the pathway to creativity and wealth that our members have all enjoyed and can now make you so rich that you never, ever feel bored again and will instead want to live forever.

Before I could take this beautiful breakthrough to the whole world, I had to confront the second obstacle blocking the cure to aging: the thick web of government regulations, legislation, and litigation blocking scientists and medical companies from the rapid progress and access to the marketplace necessary to arrest the most complex diseases…from cancer to aging.  My father had made clear to me how cost-prohibitive regulations ended Du Pont’s very promising cure to cancer project decades ago.

Using puzzle-building integrated thinking, I spent a full decade developing a political system that enters a new dimension never seen anywhere or anytime on Earth.  The world’s political structures have all fallen into the same dimension in which initiatory force inherently exists in the ruling class.  Never before has any civilization entered the dimension in which initiatory force is banished in government.  Upon my father’s roots, I developed a never-before-fathomed political system to bring that new force-free dimension to the world.

With that new political system of no initiatory force, simplified into one easy-to-implement constitutional amendment (see, the debilitating thick web of regulations, legislation and litigation goes away.  Pure freedom remains, and technology can advance at rapid speeds never seen before.  Unhindered super-rapidly-advancing new technologies, driven forward by an overwhelming demand for anti-aging cures, would bring us the cure to complex diseases including aging very quickly.

Of course, for four decades I did not reveal my deeper mission. I did not release my creativity breakthrough that led to riches and lasting wealth, not until I had a sound approach to eliminate the second obstacle.  The secret society surrounding me was very real, and I worked my focused forty-year, cure-to-aging mission in secret until now.

Now the whole puzzle-picture is revealed with its pieces all in place.  I bring to the world the complete pieces needed to accomplish man’s greatest responsibility: curing aging.

With this guarded website, I come out of a focused forty-year secret mission.  I hold nothing back and reveal everything needed to definitively cure aging to our soulmates: 

The Formula for Curing Aging

The process of curing aging is something never properly conceptualized before.  The process to curing aging begins far from the laboratories and is far too complex for today’s research and development programs.  To cure this extraordinarily complex disease of cellular degeneration requires 1) absolute research and development freedom, which involves removing politics, and 2) overwhelming marketplace demand, which involves removing stagnation by multiplying creativity, personal wealth and happiness igniting the desire for longer life.  Without both an overwhelming demand for curing aging among essentially all ordinary people and without absolute freedom for curing aging among essentially all research and development programs…without both those demand-and-supply dynamics, the cure for aging will not happen.  Some advances toward anti-aging will continue to make news, but if we want to cure cancer, heart disease, and ultimately cure aging itself during our lifetimes, the secrets I have put in place provide the only approach.

My Supply & Demand Approach

Demand Side:  Replace stagnation with ongoing creation, exhilaration, wealth and happiness.

Supply Side:  Replace the heavily legislated, regulated, and litigated medical field with pure unburdened freedom.

My approach 1) causes the demand for anti-aging to dramatically grow and intensify and 2) opens up and frees the research-and-development path for rapid medical progress.  As the demand rises so will the supply, and with freedom it will crescendo with the cure to the most complex diseases, eventually aging itself.

In short, to cure aging, first we must cure personal financial suppression, emotional stagnation, and political subjugation.  The Society does that job.  Indeed, my monthly releases, starting with your very first release when you join us TODAY, teach you how to go from poverty to riches almost instantly — in as little as ten seconds, which you will learn today when you join us!  I will bring you this breakthrough to creativity, fast wealth and permanent riches.  Life becomes something very different…something beautiful…something you never knew existed and never want to end!  This is the “something more” you always longed for, and it works at any age!  We work directly on YOU — on boosting YOUR wealth month after month.  You will join and eventually befriend other wealthy members.  Relationships grow lucrative and strong in the Society.

When you embark on this life-lifting journey of no return, everything is provided — all the turnkey techniques themselves such as your first release TODAY that shifts your whole existence rapidly upward toward the wealthy elite class — the life YOU were meant to live…the life worth living FOREVER!  Join us in the better wealthy world and enjoy the life worth living forever.  Instantly leave behind the struggle, the stagnation and the dead-end bore.  Instantly discover the life full of vacations, wealth, love and good times!  At any age!  For the first time, The Society now welcomes you.  Money, wealth, happiness and life-lifting experiences await you in the beautiful Society!

In order to accomplish this extraordinarily complex feat of curing aging and enjoying the good life forever requires not one company or scientist, but the full might of the resources on our planet including the best minds, the deepest coffers, unhindered research and development, powerful motivation, purely free and open competition.   The extremely complex cure to aging can come about only by first establishing the psychological (stagnation-free) and political (subjugation-free) conditions worldwide that generate massive anti-aging demand and, therefore, enormous motivation and driving, unburdened competition around the world to supply that demand.  Only such a worldwide demand and free-and-open drive of our best minds and resources not held back by political regulations and legislation could reverse nature and bring about a cure to the most complex disease called human cellular degeneration or aging.

During my forty-year mission, I uncovered omnipresent psychological and political subjugation by our leaders, blocking wealth and happiness and, therefore, blocking a massive demand to cure aging and a subsequent worldwide drive to supply the demand.  That subjugation must be removed in order to cure aging.  During our monthly releases, you spring free from stagnation and soar to the wealthy elite class!  You join the other wealthy members!  We release secrets starting immediately with your first secret to rapid wealth, yes in about ten seconds.  No exaggeration as you learn immediately after you join us!

Observing the psychological and political subjugation of the human race enabled me to determine the cause-and-effect formula that is, in essence, the cure to aging, as follows:

The Formula

(The Fundamental Cure to Aging)

Step One (Cause): Remove adults’ growing stagnation and replace stagnation with growing exhilaration via a creation-driven life overflowing with wealth and excitement (and its rewards).  The demand for anti-aging will explode.

Step Two (Cause): Remove society’s debilitating web of regulations, legislation, litigation and replace political subjugation with wide-open unhindered freedom and progress.  The supply of anti-aging cures will rise to the demand.

Step Three (Effect):  Within one decade, super-rapidly-advancing new technologies driven forward by puzzle-building integrated thinking — the new mentality — will arrest aging.

Indeed, the cure to aging starts well before the physical cure itself.  First, the conditions have to be set.  And setting those conditions within the Society brings immediate benefits to you.  The Society makes life worth living forever.  The millionaire members enjoy the good things in life.  You can now for the first time join them.

In the Society, the demand for longevity grows enormous.  As more and more members experience the ultra wealthy and exciting life in the Society, the growing demand for longevity attracts major research and development programs required to cure this complex disease.  The demand for longevity grows exponentially in the Society as people rise from their boring-and-broke ruts of stagnation into exhilarating, extravagant lives of creation overflowing with money.  Yes, here money flows like lava.

We take your hand and show you how, starting instantly upon joining us!  Remember nearly all jobs and business paradigms are currently set up for limited use of our minds and creativity, which leads to stagnation.  And retirement is even worse.  The human mind was designed for creation and slowly dies from stagnation.  In the Society the path to creativity and real money brings immediate creations and wealth to our members and opens their minds as they were designed to exist, at any age.  Older members become sharp as a tack!  And with our turnkey techniques, that quickly leads to wealth and riches!

The human mind is the only thing on Earth that can CREATE.  Without creation, the human mind falls far below its potential and slowly stagnates and dies.  With creation, the human mind lives in beautiful harmony with its nature and continually grows, expands, and experiences the exhilarating life it was meant to live…just as it did as a young child.  Value creation to the adult mind is play.  Indeed, the adult who creates values plays at life and loves life and does not want to slow down and lose his or her play time!  Think of my peer the late Steve Jobs who knew this exhilarating creative life, played every day and of course enjoyed its wealth!

The adult who creates demands longevity.  My new paradigm instantly brings creation to each and every ordinary person…even those currently stuck in unbearable routine ruts!  That creation happens almost INSTANTLY upon joining.  In some cases, within ten seconds!  This path to creativity and real money also works for retired folks!  Mentors in the Society help you implement the breakthrough money-making system so you easily make your transition to creation and the endless possibilities at wealth creation!  In the Society, I am the top mentor and I work with you each step of the way, month after month.  The emotional and financial benefits are life-changing!  I quickly help you begin your creation-driven (wealth-generating) life!  TODAY with your first monthly release.  You soon can implement the secrets of the richest billionaires!  In your VERY FIRST LESSON that appears on your phone or computer immediately after you JOIN US.

In the Society, imagine making lifelong friends and quickly finding lucrative business opportunities.  Man is a social animal and thrives in a community of value creators contributing to society.  In such a lucrative community, one makes lifelong friends, encounters multiple business opportunities, meets potential romantic love partners, and lives the good life.  All of those major benefits happen in the Society.  Those highly-beneficial social and business networks are part of the complex ingredient for harmony and happiness and the desire/demand for longevity.  The Society and its many Clubhouses filled with creative people bring you harmony, happiness, opportunities and stimulation the human mind and body need to love life and desire and demand longevity.

Greater and greater wealth gives members more and more freedom to do what they want — from buying fine cars and homes to taking five-star vacations a month at a time.  Who wouldn’t want to live forever like that?! 

Political freedom must follow such powerful personal freedom.  The resources and technologies that can bring us anti-aging solutions must be free to rapidly advance.  In other words, the politicization of the medical, business, science and research worlds must end.  My work is actively depoliticizing society in general to remove the web of regulations, legislation, and litigation that make rapid progress impossible.  This is the supply side of the demand-and-supply formula for curing aging.  For the supply of anti-aging solutions to rise to the demand now being created by the Society, we introduced a political system simplified into a constitutional amendment that will steadily depoliticize America and then the world as its gets wide exposure.  This is necessary to unleash rapid progress and cure aging within a decade.

The demand for anti-aging will now expand exponentially as we begin, after 40 years (53 in total) to reach outside the Society for soulmates like you.  Our newest members acquire real wealth and enjoy exhilarating creativity.  The pathway to supply anti-aging solutions is now answered and is wide open.  Within our Society, within our conditions of powerful motivation and pure freedom, something so complex as curing aging can be achieved.  I have put everything into place. 

In the Society, members enjoy the cure to poverty, stagnation, and eventually aging.  We live the ideal life with unique puzzle-building and wealth-building excitement — your very first secret upon joining us today!  The Society makes life far easier, far better — makes life worth living forever.  Bring your loved ones, family, friends into the Society where everyone grows wealthy and healthy.  They will thank you over and over again!  Our growth is now going to explode.  Get in NOW.  Join us and get in this good life with us!

About Your Mentor

Forty years ago I discovered a mental puzzle-building technique to consistently think outside of the box and named my discovery: puzzle-building integrated thinking.  I am the co-founder of the award-winning engineering marvel Grand Canyon Skywalk, the famous horseshoe shaped glass bridge cantilevered over the edge of the Grand Canyon, and we used puzzle-building integrated thinking while designing the never-before-fathomed Grand Canyon Skywalk.  I used puzzle-building integrated thinking while developing THE never-before-fathomed definitive treatment to curing aging.  I used this new way of thinking to create the never-before-fathomed fast track to a wealthy creation-driven life (your very first lesson when you join us!). 

There has been a mystery surrounding me for four decades.  I created my highly-guarded writings in private within an exclusive secret society for forty years, during which I revealed my secrets only to inside members of the Society.

My life is devoted to raising the prosperity, love and happiness of the human race.  My end goal is for all people — including today’s poor — to live a wealthy creation-driven life, an exhilarating romantic and youthful life, a happy life full of financial, romantic, and family good fortune…for far longer than we experience life today…someday forever.  I developed the ideas, systems, and structures needed to achieve my multi-faceted, multi-layered goal during my secretive forty-year research and development project.  And you discover the secrets to FAST money in your FIRST lesson today when you join us today!

For the first time, I have opened the Society to new members via this website.  You will not find anything about us on the web due to forty years of remaining a tightly closed secret society (actually 53 years reaching back to my father’s years).

Indeed, our breakthroughs put ordinary individuals on a fast-track to a wealthy life, starting instantly when you join us.  The turnkey techniques lead our new members to wealth, happiness, romance and youth – to the life you never, ever want to end.  Guaranteed!

I’ll say it again: My goal in life is to cure poverty and disease and enable everyone – today’s poor and rich alike – to live a wealthy, healthy, happy life and to live far longer than we do today, ultimately forever.  I have devoted my entire life to this very complex goal.

I am finally ready to release to our soulmates of the world what I kept hidden for over forty years — my greatest gift to mankind — my secret formula and pathway to curing aging.

Everything is touched on in here — everything I’ve worked so hard to keep hidden for the past forty years in order to keep it pure, untainted, uninfluenced by establishment ‘experts’ and unassailable by establishment authorities.  The cure to aging is the most important breakthrough to come to mankind. 

I must warn you that those soulmates who are interested in truly curing aging as well as enhancing their financial and romantic condition…those who really want a wealthy, romantic and youthful life had better join us now.  Forty years of establishment-shattering, breakthrough puzzle-pictures sit in these monthly releases…turnkey techniques that deliver wealth, romance, freedom, youth and longevity…priceless puzzle-pictures never publicly seen before.  The puzzle-building integrated thinking, like a great thunderclap, rocks the establishment to its very core.  Nothing you have seen, ingested, or read before can definitively cure aging as can this journey.  Nothing you have read before can definitively lift your standard of living and financial condition as can this journey in the Society. 

An ordinary person will become extraordinary before the day is over.  Lives change overnight when touched by this never-before-seen information.  Tomorrow begins the rise into the wealthy elite class.  And I should tell you, I finally feel free, finally opening my forty-year work to those soulmates who entered this highly-guarded website.  I often feared this day would never come, and the world would never see this gift.  I dreaded that idea.  But I kept my work secret to protect it from those who would have stopped me both mentally (i.e., the ‘experts’) and physically (i.e., the authorities).  Now, finally, triumphantly, here it is!  Join us and immediately reap the rewards!  I will guarantee you those rewards!

Without question, using these techniques, you can quickly become so wealthy and overjoyed that you will want to live forever and welcome eternal youth and romance!  Moreover, you will soon discover a social community of other overjoyed persons in the Society.  This community consists of a rare group of people who possess the cures to financial woes, emotional stagnation, romantic frustration, and undesired aging…just as you will.  They’re your soulmates!  Many quickly become lifelong friends, even romantic partners!  Some become business partners.  Some become multi-millionaires!  Some will eventually become immortal.  You can join them! 

I got this comment from a brand-new member who was scared of getting old: “As I move into my mid-sixties, I feel a strange sense of being trapped with no way out as my body ages.  I feel like a prisoner to aging…losing energy, virility, creativity and knowing it’s only going to get worse with time. Trapped with no way out!  Right now, even if I do everything positive such as exercising, diet, supplements…I am only slowing down the aging process by a few years at best. Still trapped. Still no way out.”

In the Society, people do not feel like that — like prisoners to aging.  The Society is the way out — not pills or lifestyle that will give you a few extra years. The Society is the way out.

The Society is a secret society.  Realize that secret societies hold secrets that dramatically benefit their members well beyond the masses. Members of the societies live at the upper echelons of society with more money, connections, anti-aging secrets no one outside of the societies know. Many celebrities who look so young and beautiful are members. Many of the powerful and rich are members. Would you want their highly-guarded secrets? Of course you would, but only the powerful elite get invited.  Until now. Because of who you are with your special character traits, YOU are now invited!